Soo’s Reviews
NIGEL SLATER  -  10th JUNE '18 So sorry to have missed this artiste.  My friend Bill says he was one of the best solo artistes we have had, and a great guitarist. Hope he returns. NEXT WEEK  -  THE THRILLBILLIES Soo AUBREY LOVEJOY  -  3rd JUNE '18 Not a lot to report as it was Aubrey's first visit to Fred's and I didn't get a chance to talk to him, but I can say that he has a good voice and his own band. He sang some Alan Jackson numbers and also some Charley Pride. He has been on the scene since the 70s although I hadn't seen or heard of him - maybe he plays mainly down south. NEXT WEEK  -  NIGEL SLATER Soo PEDRO  -  27th MAY '18 Considering there were two festivals this weekend the audience at Fred's was good. They enjoyed his mix of songs. NEXT WEEK  - AUBREY LOVEJOY Soo RAY PETERS DUO  -  20th MAY '18 A night for the line dancers. We heard a few new line dance songs but mainly old ones. Two we heard were "Out Of Sight" and "Imagine That". NEXT WEEK  -  PETER BARLOW (PEDRO) Soo THE THORNHILLS - 13th MAY '18 It's always a good atmosphere at Fred's when The Thornhills visit - possibly because we have known them for so long. We get nostalgia and lovely songs, some comedy, and their harmonising is second to none. A lovely evening! NEXT WEEK  -  RAY PETERS DUO Soo JEFF GALLANT DUO  6th MAY  '18 For the 2nd week we had a traditional country night.  Jeff Gallant came to Fred's years ago with his band - since then his band has become one of the most popular headline bands on the festival circuit. He had a really good time playing for us at Fred's.  We heard his great voice singing songs seldom heard - "The Blues Man" and "What Colour Is The Wind, Daddy" being 2 of them. He was ably accompanied by Clive Grant who also used to be in a top band - Henry Smith.  Their first time together and and he was playing guitar, not bass and we really enjoyed them. NEXT WEEK  -  THE THORNHILLS Soo SMOKEY MOUNTAIN BOYS  -  29th APRIL '18 Long time no see as the saying goes! It's been 6 years since we saw this band at Fred's and I think that's a shame. Smokey Mountain Boys are a unique band playing authentic country songs from way back. Backing Dave were Selwyn Read, fiddle; Peter Stone, double bass; and Steve Harrop, steel guitar.  They are all good musicians and gave us an enjoyable evening. NEXT WEEK  -  JEFF GALLANT DUO Soo BLUE HORIZON  -  22nd APRIL '18 One of my favourite bands this week and Fred's is one of Christine's favourite clubs and it shows when she's on stage. We heard a mix of music - some instrumentals and also some swing and bluegrass numbers. Christine has one of the best female voices on the circuit and the band gave us a lovely night. NEXT WEEK  -  SMOKEY MOUNTAIN BOYS Soo CHRIS RADDINGS  -  15th APRIL '18 Chris's return to Fred's was received as well as his previous 2 visits. Listeners and dancers were well catered for - some songs were "My Father In Me",  "Easy Come Easy Go" and "Trail Of Tears". A good night. NEXT WEEK  -  BLUE HORIZON Soo CLEAR CUT  -  8th APRIL '18 I missed Fred's this week but expect this duo went down well as usual. NEXT WEEK  -  CHRIS RADDINGS Soo TWIN FALLS  -  1st APRIL '18 At last the return of this duo from Cheshire after bad weather closed the club when they were last due to visit. We heard mostly new material again - "Roots", "Tennessee Whisky" and a great instrumental from them of "Country Boy".  Their self-penned "Forbidden Love" was also requested. Both are great musicians. NEXT WEEK  -  CLEAR CUT Soo SAVANNAH  -  25th MARCH '18 It was good to get back to Fred's - we had a nice evening with Savannah. Chris has a lovely voice and together with Mark their first song was "There's Nothing I Can Do About It Now".  They also sang "Turn Off The Radio" and "Holding Things Together". Nice to see their change of costume at each break. NEXT WEEK  -  TWIN FALLS Soo DARREN BUSBY  -  11th MARCH '18 Hopefully with the snow and flu behind us we can get back to attending Fred's regularly. This week we had a lovely night with Darren. I enjoyed every song he chose to sing and with his voice as we all know it was a perfect evening. Two songs were "It's All Good" by Toby Keith and "There's The Door" by George Jones. Darren is back later in the year. NEXT WEEK  -  BRIAN MANN Soo STONE COLD COUNTRY  25th FEB '18 An evening enjoyed by all I'm sure.  Father Ray and son Steve are both excellent musicians.  Steve won Best Musician two years ago - he is brilliant on guitar and great to watch. I enjoyed the "Rocky Top" instrumental, also Mo Pitney's "Come Do A Little Life With Me" and Billy Levin's "Call Me When It's Over". NEXT WEEK  -  KALIBRE Soo BEST OF FRIENDS  - 18 FEB '18 That's my kind of country night at Fred's. Their choice of material was great - I loved every song. They sang a few songs from each of our legends - Merle Haggard, Gene Watson, Don Williams, George Jones, George Strait - and they never forget Froggie! Middy and Steve gave us an enjoyable evening. NEXT WEEK  -  STONE COLD COUNTRY Soo PHIL & KEN  11th FEB '18 An evening of old country with this duo. We heard songs like "I Don't Need No Rocking Chair" and "If Love Was A River" Phil likes to tell jokes - not to my taste - but they got a standing ovation from some of the audience. They will be back in August. NEXT WEEK  -  BEST OF FRIENDS Soo CLIFF WESTON DUO A change of artiste this week - Pete had a sore throat which was a shame. Stewart still came and brought Cliff Weston from the Cliff Weston duo/trio. I enjoyed his mellow voice and his expertise on guitar. It was nice to hear different material such as "T Bone Shuffle", "Hell And High Water" and the self-penned "It Seems I'm Getting Over You". An enjoyable evening. NEXT WEEK  -  PHIL AND KEN Soo FOOLS GOLD  -  28th JAN '18 I was gutted to have missed this duo.  Apparently it was Melissa who sang with Paul this time.  They are quite a musical family. The audience enjoyed them and I know they'll be back soon. NEXT WEEK  -  TEXAS TORNADOS Soo JOHNNY AND LYNETTE  -  21 JAN '18 There is a lot of flu going round this winter but I managed to get to Fred's to see Johnny and Lynette who we haven't seen for a while. They got through a lot of material and as much as I love all country music I would have liked a bit more upbeat tempo sometimes. They are a lovely couple.  We heard "Close Up The Honky Tonks", "Four Strong Winds" and "That's Why I'm Walking". NEXT WEEK  -  FOOLS GOLD Soo BADLANDS  -  7 JAN '18 Kicking off 2018 we were treated to this brilliant band with the finest musician, Russ Kitchen on guitar and vocals. Last April was their debut at our club and I have waited eagerly to see them again and I was not disappointed. I love the refreshing way they change the songs to suit them and "rock it up" - certainly not run of the mill. Some material was "Wailing For A Woman", Brad Paisley; "She Comes To Me", James Otto; and "Time Don't Wait For Nobody" but Marty Stuart. I hope they are booked to return. NEXT WEEK  -  HAYDEN ALLEN DUO Soo