Soo’s Reviews
PHIL AND KEN  -  19th MAY '19 Phil and Ken like to play older country music and that's alright by me - I love it all, old and new. Some songs we heard were "Storms Never Last", Waylon Jennings; "Don't Be Angry", Stonewall Jackson and "If Love Was A River". They also sang an acoustic number "My Book Of Memories". NEXT WEEK  -  RAY PAYLING Soo BADLANDS  12th May '19 If you didn't get to Fred's on Sunday you missed a treat.  This band is an example of today's modern country - upbeat and great musicians.  Russ Kitchin is the vocalist and plays guitar brilliantly.  Ash Thompson is on drums, Phil Holden on guitar and I will get the other member's name next time they come as I am positive they will return. The room was packed and the atmosphere electric with people enjoying all forms of country music.  The dance floor was full all night, and the gent who danced solo to one or two songs was so entertaining, adding to the evening.  Great! NEXT WEEK  -  PHIL AND KEN Soo THE THORNHILLS  -  5th MAY '19 This duo from Liverpool, once performing as West Virginia, have been on the country circuit for so long they can’t go wrong, and always give a good night. NEXT WEEK  -  BADLANDS Soo BUCKSHOT  -  28th APRIL '19 Buckshot are a talented family band.  Father Mel plays the guitar and sings.  He last came to Fred's in 1983 in a band called Stone Creek.  He has also been in Just For Kicks.  Mum Ann-Marie plays keyboard and guitar and son James is lead vocalist with a voice a bit like Johnny Cash.  He also plays guitar.  Pete is on the drums. In this format the band have played together for two years. They gave us an enjoyable night playing all the older music - John Pride's "Paradise" and a few Merle Haggards and Johnny Cash. A nice evening. NEXT WEEK  -  THE THORNHILLS Soo CLEAR CUT  -  21 APRIL '19 This week we had another good night with Clear Cut. NEXT WEEK  -  BUCKSHOT Soo DAVE LESLEY  -  14th APRIL '19 Berney is doing us proud inviting these new artistes to Fred's. We have enjoyed them all and his week was no exception. Dave Lesley has toured all over Europe and has spent time in a German band. After a break from music he missed it so much he had to return. He has a nice deep voice just right for Country and I enjoyed his material.  I have not heard "Blackboard Of My Heart" for ages and I'd never heard "Days Of Me And You". He would love to return and I hope he does. NEXT WEEK  -  CLEAR CUT Soo HONKY TONKIN’ -  7th APRIL '19 We had another new act this week and like the previous new acts these did not disappoint. This duo come from Co Durham and consists of Jerry on bass guitar and Dave on acoustic guitar, vocals and comedy. They kept us entertained all night with an array of material - 2 songs I have never heard were "Voices Of The Highlands" and "Things I Carry Around". Dave has been a solo artiste and in bands for years although these two have only been together for about four months.  I think they are good together and Dave has a very good singing voice. For the last spot Dave joined the line dancers and sang "Red Hot Salsa" as he did the dance. I hope we see them again. NEXT WEEK  -  DAVE LESLIE Soo BOB MORGAN  -  31st MARCH '19 It's true to say that every time we have a solo artiste new to Fred's I worry a bit.  Will we like them and have a good night? I expect the artistes feel the same way. Well we did like Bob and loved his choice of material - all with that country beat I love. Two songs were "Thanks A Lot" and "She Used To Say That To Me".  Songs we don't hear so much now. He sang material from artistes such as Johnny Paycheck, Ronnie Milsap, Gene Watson and Johnny Rodrigues.  Pure country artistes and a pure country evening. Thanks Bob - hope to see you again. NEXT WEEK  -  HONKY TONKIN' Soo ROOT'N TOOT'N  - 24th MARCH '19 First time at Fred's for this rockabilly trio - Mandy on double bass, Colin, vocalist and Stuart on guitar. I really enjoyed them and found them very entertaining.  We heard songs like "Move It On Over", "Mind Your Own Business" and a self- penned number "Nail In My Liver". It's a wonder Mandy's arm didn't drop off with all that plucking on her double bass! I'd like to see them again. NEXT WEEK  -  BOB MORGAN Soo KALIBRE  -  17th MARCH '19 Kalibre came to Fred's after a long absence and sang both old and new songs. They gave a usual lovely night. NEXT WEEK  -  ROOT'N TOOT'N Soo DARREN BUSBY  -  10th MARCH '19 Darren is another person we know will give us a good night. He started with "Imagine That" then sang line dance songs like "Missing". He did not forget the listeners and sang some Marty Robbins including "If I Want To" and tracks by John Denver and Slim Whtman and the like. An all-round lovely evening. NEXT WEEK  -  KALIBRE Soo BORN COUNTRY  -  3rd MARCH '19 With a name like Born Country I thought this band would be good. A great name! They are father (ex Diesel Cowboys) and daughter. They were good and unfortunately I missed them. Hope they return. NEXT WEEK  -  DARREN BUSBY Soo KEZIA GILL  -  24th FEB '19 This young country singer was able to command the attention and admiration of the whole of the audience.  She comes from a musical family and has been singing most of her life. She turned professional three and a half years ago and is already winning awards here and in Australia.  She has come far and is heading for the top.  She has a great voice and plays guitar and is a true professional.  Her equipment blew up as she was singing the last song of the second set - "Down On Your Uppers" - and she did the last set acoustically and it was brilliant.  I must also mention she writes her own material. It was an honour to have seen her and we gave her a standing ovation.  Hope to see her again. NEXT WEEK  -  BORN COUNTRY Soo J D BULLITT  -  17th FEB '19 Although billed as a duo J D Bullitt was a solo artiste.  He has a nice voice and was liked by the majority of the audience. He has been in country music since 1977.  We heard songs by Charlie Daniels, Jack Green, Alan Jackson etc. NEXT WEEK  -  KEZIA GILL Soo TEXAS TORNADOS  10th FEB '19 From a good country voice, singing line dance, ballads, any requests, and a good rapport with the audience, Pete entertains in every way - and line dances too while singing! He covers it all. He even has the best instrumentalist, Stuart, (he won best guitarist this year) as his partner. Together they entertain all the way - Mr Versatile, that's Pete's name. "George"! NEXT WEEK  -  J D BULLITT  (DUO) Soo ROB CHILDS  -  3rd FEB '19 Rob can come again as a solo artiste any time and I'm sure he will. He has been on the Country scene with other people for years and experience shows.  He is at home on the stage, has a good voice, is an accomplished guitarist and has a great personality - his act was full of jokes and chat between each song. A good mix too - I especially liked William Michael Morgan's "Broken-hearted". NEXT WEEK  -  TEXAS TORNADOS Soo GARY PERKINS TRIBUTE NIGHT  -  27th JAN '19 Well, how do I give this evening the justice it deserves? This sad occasion was full of joy and love and the room was packed. Merv and Maria Futter compered all night and first on was Stubby  - he sang three numbers including Gary's "Ride The Wind".  He went off and Nancy Ann Lee came on to sing three more - she chose Gary's "Free" to do.  Next Dave Bryan came on and gave us a laugh when he missed Steve's keyboard part of the song "Sea Of Heartbreak".  We enjoyed "Grandma's Feather Bed" with parts of the audience doing the actions. Zenne was next on with "Tomorrow Never Comes" and "The Breeze". Russ Kitchen was next with "Drinking Problem" and "Rhinestone Cowboy".  His band Badlands were booked for tonight but everyone agreed this tribute should take priority. After the break came the presentation with the family on stage - a cheque for over £11,000 was given to Bluebell Wood, a charity Gary had chosen. Nigel Slater was next - he sang a song written by Gary Martin for Gary - "Stranger In This Town". Still they came on stage - Darren Knight rocking it up and Nancy joined him.  The Breeze did "Past The Point Of Rescue" brilliantly. Paul James (PJ) played next then The Breeze played "Rawhide" as everyone came back on stage.  There was a lot of jumping - and the audience too. It was fitting that Gary ended the evening on the video screen singing his last song "Thank You". I hope I haven't left anyone out. I would like to thank The Breeze for the pleasure this popular band have given over the years. It was a brilliant evening and to all involved we thank you for an evening we'll never forget. NEXT WEEK  -  ROB CHILDS Soo VIC OAKLEY  20th JAN '19 I missed another week but I know who Vic is.  He used to be half of "No Regrets" duo.  They have not been back for a few years. The audience was sparse - I'm not sure why - he did sing some different songs such as Nitty Gritty Dirtband's "Catfish John" and a lovely Travis Tritt song "Sometimes She Forgets". NEXT WEEK  -  A TRILOGY OF "THANK YOUS" TO GARY PERKINS Soo THE THRILLBILLIES  -  13th JAN '19 Dave started the evening with "Imagine This" and Ed followed with "My Father In Me". They also did Glen Campbell's poignant composition "I'm Not Going To Miss You". They gave the performance they usually do and fans enjoyed the evening. NEXT WEEK  -  VIC OAKLEY Soo BILLY BUBBA KING  -  6 Jan '19 Billy Bubba King kicked off the new year with his second appearance at Fred's. He went down well with listeners and dancers. Among his varied repertoire was a lovely song from Steve Holy  - "Good Morning Beautiful" - seldom heard any more.  He also gave a tribute to Gary Perkins - "This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away". Apart from the very sad news about Gary, Sunday was a good start to the new year. NEXT WEEK  -  THE THRILLBILLIES Soo